So the name Shrinking Violet was a reflection of my personality at the time. I was painfully shy and awkward…I still kind of am…it came to me one night and that’s what Bob and I decided to use. The first record we released was the Kill Whitey 7″ because we all lived at the 1008 house in Lawrence, KS. After we put out that 7″ we decided to go ahead and put together a boxset because I was finally receiving my first annuity installment from a bike accident I had in Lawrence. A woman hit me on my bike and I went through her windshield. The thing that grinds me about the Annie stuff being on Discogs is that, besides her having nothing to do with the concept or production, about three months after I released the boxset, she tried to frame me for stolen money at the store. She had disappeared for like 6 weeks in the year prior and went on a long cocaine binge. We kept the store running, and really busted our asses to keep everything cool. right after the boxset was done I was heading to Boston for the Summer and that’s when she tried to frame me for the money she snorted up her nose. I did manage to get paid from the distro with Cargo, and the copies that were bought by Love Garden, but Annie never paid me for the ones we had at Dirt Cheap. She kept telling me I could just give her all the records and boxsets and we’d call it even, but I told her to fuckoff. I didn’t steal any money and she wasn’t getting the boxsets. She was a very manipulative and vindictive person. Everything was at my parent’s house in Lee’s Summit and I planned to leave it there until I returned from Boston after the summer. I even showed my youngest brother how to ship out the records if I took in any orders. But Annie went on a rampage and effectively blacklisted me with stores and the distros that we used, ruined a bunch of my friendships, and smeared my name to cover her ass. She was in a world of trouble because her business partner who owned the store in Nebraska was wondering where all the money had gone that was missing from when she went on her cocaine binge. When I moved to Boston full-time in April of 91, I brought everything with me. I have one or two more archive boxes of stuff from this time in my life, but I’ll need to wait until I unpack my storage unit in the Spring. It’s the one that has all my receipts from united record pressing, a bunch of artwork, packs of the crayons, and the copies of the coloring book we included. I save memorabilia from important things in my life. This boxset was a very important thing. After I moved to Boston I started another label, and when I got my next insurance settlement installment in 1993, I released another boxset, but this time with crust and grind bands from all over the world.