Zine from Jason Willis…see lots more cool KC stuff at oxide flake mrfink.com

Radio Waste

Joey’s Zine. Some show reviews and pictures of lots of locals…

Greg Bloom’s Zine

This zine is a perfect example of the drug/art scene that was the Kansas City underground in the early to mid-80s… a kind of who’s who of contributors in issue #1 Jeff Price Steve McCal,l Aaron Sinift, Deke Nihilson, Chris Gaw, Victoria Smith, Mark Kragel, Velveeta Fromage, Dave Dryden, Shaft, John Max

I really don’t know much about this zine except that it’s got a lot of great stuff in it.

Matt Bramlette’s Zine when he was living in Lincoln, Nebraska. Checkout the thank yous and some of the quotes. Hilarious!